Villa Alba

San Gimignano what to do and what to see near San Gimignano

Experience from Villa Alba

Activities you can do during your stay in San Gimignano

Cooking lessons and demonstrations for one-on-one or small groups

A unique culinary experience : the secrets of Tuscan cuisine under the guidance of professional chefs so you can learn how to create authentic and delicious dishes.

Wine tasting in local wineries and wine tours to discover the top Tuscan wines

Discover the wine treasures of Tuscany with wine tasting tours in the area: in collaboration with local wineries, for wine lovers.

Tours with a licensed guide in the historic center of San Gimignano

Stroll through the ancient streets of the Historic Center as the city’s history comes to life through exciting tales and curiosities. The service can be booked at the San Gimignano Pro Loco Office.

A walk to discover typical agricultural products, oil, saffron, honey, cheeses, cured meats

Local gastronomic treasures, to savor the authentic taste of Tuscany: meeting with producers to learn about fruits of our land.

Horse riding

Riding experience on fascinating animals through scenic trails, beautiful landscapes and breathtaking horizons.

Accompanied trekking with professional guides

Discover hidden paths,enchanted forests and spectacular views embracing the Tuscan countryside, fully connected and in touch with nature.

Organized scooter tours

Experience Tuscany’s countryside and villages around San Gimignano all from the saddle of a practical and fun scooter: a two-wheeled adventure among Tuscan landscapes in true Italian style.

Organized mountain bike or road bike tours

Explore the Tuscan countryside and picturesque hillside trails on two wheels up close: scenic routes, ride through vineyards and spectacular views.

Organized tours to: Siena, Florence and Pisa

The charm of iconic cities in Tuscany: Piazza del Campo and the treasures of Siena, the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the unmistakable Tower of Pisa.