Villa Alba

Restaurant San Gimignano Italy, best place to eat Florentine steak and Italian pasta in San Gimignano

La Stella Restaurant

In the center of San Gimignano: only 10 minutes walk from Villa Alba!

Historic Restaurant

The restaurant has ancient origins, preserved over time with artfully executed restorations to maintain its original style: magnificent architecture from the 1200s, a warm, welcoming and charming environment.
Restaurant San Gimignano Italy

Fresh handmade pappardelle and pici pasta

Classic Cuisine of Tuscan Tradition

Since the old trattoria in the late 1800s, our restaurant has handed down from generation to generation the old recipes with full and original taste.Dishes of simple cuisine, soups with seasonal vegetables, cantuccini and Vinsanto as in the old days. But also richer dishes such as game, especially wild boar, Bistecca alla Fiorentina and roasted white meat spit.