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“La Stella” Restaurant is one of the most ancient restaurants in San Gimignano: established in the late Nineteenth Century, it used to be a guesthouse to welcome the first foreign tourists visiting the town.

For over a century “La Stella” has been offering dishes from the Tuscan tradition. The recipes are handed down from owner to owner, without ever altering the doses or the ingredients and this is why, today, the dishes still retain their original flavour. “La Stella” Restaurant is located in the historical town centre of San Gimignano, a stone’s throw from the ancient Porta San Matteo, the northern gate of the town.

If you choose to be our guest, you will be enjoying our cuisine in an environment which is cosy, homey and rich in history. Indeed, the Restaurant, created in an ancient structure dating back to the Thirteenth Century, still maintains a part of its original materials (stones, bricks, terracotta, etc.), which, together with the ancient architectural features (arches, vaults, niches, etc.), make this place unique and fascinating.

Our menu offers a choice of dishes from the so-called “poor” Tuscan cuisine, which has in fact nothing “poor” apart from its name, as it is rich in history and ancient flavours.

Like our “Pappardelle al cinghiale”, fresh, hand-made pasta with wild boar sauce flavoured with garlic and rosemary, or our famous “Crostini Toscani”, croutons with liver pâté and Vin Santo, the “Ribollita”, a soup made of bread, beans, vegetables and crude olive oil, served in the typical Tuscan “coccini” (terracotta bowls), or the “Trippa alla fiorentina” (Florentine-style tripe) and maybe, as a dessert, the “Cantuccini”, biscuits with almonds accompanied by Vin Santo or by sweet Tuscan dessert wine… and then many other dishes, prepared according to ancient recipes and using original ingredients; first and foremost, the two ingredients that shall never be missing: love and passion.

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